Design & Dim.

Current Design

View from looking down and of left wall of van
Left wall shows platform, Fridge cabinet that goes to the ceiling and bench
View from front - sink base to left / drawers in bed platform / Bench w fridge behind

View from the rear showing platform bed. To left is the fridge cabinet in front of platform
This shows the general style I want to aim for

T350 Cargo Van
Water right side 8x8x30 but near muffler
Hot water?
8x11"x100 boxed around wheel well on right

Between seats 16"
Door opening 54"
Platform 67" x 84"
8'6 ft wave 99"
Big bag 99"
Board 92" max
Overall cargo area is 172" 162" to back of seat
Usable conversion area is 151" according to Sportsmobile

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