This project for the electrical requires it's own page.

Most of this is taken from this good man's work.

He even did a very nice electrical diagram

His basic theory is that the Starter Battery should, when being run by the engine, run a battery charger that "smart charges" the two to three house batteries.

I say two to three as I have purchased a battery box  that will hold two AGM group 27 House Batteries AND there is also room under the drivers seat for an additional AGM group 27 battery. If the wiring is not an issue with different lengths it would be nice to have all three of these spaces filled with identical batteries. Note that their may be a temperature difference between them and other technical differences I am not aware of.

I will budget for Electrical Use of 100 ah per day with total of 200ah capacity

Proximity and lane drift
Upgrade stereo - amp speakers
Rear View Screen bigger


  • a. Wire to fan - rear position between 14" frames
  • b. Wire for HVAC and for Solar if added later to roof
  • c. Wire (8) LED lights in overhead
  • d. Wire for (4) power outlet 12v plugs in back of van (2)
    and (1) at corner of sink facing forward and (1) at sofa facing forward
  • e. Wire for power awning
  • f. Wire for AC outlets as follows
    AC1 - Fridge
    AC2 - Extra Outlet on bottom of fridge cabinet
    AC3 - Extra Outlet on forward side of Sink Base
    AC4 - Microwave
  • g. Inverter placed in fridge cabinet
  • h. 30 Amp hookup and shore power in back left of van accessed through a port hole in the floor
  • i. Battery box with two batteries under chassis near rear axle
  • j. Wiring for radiant floor heat
  • k. Rear Speakers re-mounted to top panel
  • L. Sub Woofer wired - location tbd 
  • m. Alarm System pre-wired
  • Fix the 12 volt plugs which time out in 30 minutes 
  • Security horn honking for no reason (I disconnected the horn) - need to locate and switch the horn
  • Question
  • Can we put 3 prong male connector under drivers door.

to an inverter to a battery charger to the two to three AGM group 27 House Batteries

House Batteries then drive

- 8 led ceiling lights

Wiring Diagram PDF

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